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Information for Motorists

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Car drivers are required to carry a valid driving licence and a certificate attesting to the technical state of their vehicle, as well as the so-called green card. All vehicled must carry an international number plate.

Czech traffic regulations are almost identical with those in effect in other countries:

vehicles keep to the right,

the maximum allowed speed in built up areas is 50 km/ hr. (nights included),

the maximum allowed speed for cars and buses of up to 3.500 kg is 90 km/ hr. on roads and 130 km/ hr. on highways,

the maximum allowed speed for motorcycles is 90 km/ hr. on roads and 130 km/ hr. on highways,

the maximum allowed speed for cars of over 3.500 kg is 80 km/ hr. on roads,

consumption of alcohol is not allowed before and while driving a car,

seat belts must be fastened during the entire journey,

all car drivers are obliged to have their lights on throughout the entire year,

motorcyclists and their pilion passengers are obliged to wear a helmet.

MotorwayA fee is required for the use of motorways and speedways in the Czech Republic. The sections of highways subjected to the fee are marked by road signs and begin at the exit from the customs area. The exceptions (selections of highways adjacent to large cities) are marked by supplementary tables carrying the inscription BEZ POPLATKU (without the fee). The fee is collected in the form of so-called highway stickers which must be fastened on the inner side of the windscreen. Highway stickers can be purchased at post offices, border crossings and selected petrol stations. They are in effect from December 1st of the past year to January 31st of the following year.

Motorway and speedway usage fee in the Czech Republic
Vehicles up to 3.5 t1 000,- CZK330,- CZK220,- CZK
Vehicles over 3.5 and up to 12 t8 000,- CZK2 200,- CZK750,- CZK
Vehicles over 12 tVehicles over 12 t must pay electronic toll